Chris Jericho believes NXT will lose its identity after moving to TV

Ever since WWE confirmed the news of NXT moving to USA Network, there have been speculations on how much the product will change and how much influence Vince McMahon will have over the show once it debuts on TV.



During a recent interview with Busted Open Radio, AEW Star Chris Jericho talked about a number of things and he also shared his thoughts on how NXT might change.

Jericho said that Vince is a genius but NXT’s appeal is in being its own entity outside of the WWE and once Mr. McMahon gets his hands on the show, it will become another Raw or SmackDown:

“It’s Vince McMahon; he is a genius. But here’s the thing – I think the appeal of it is that it’s its own little entity outside the WWE, and when Vince McMahon gets a hold of it and gets involved with it is going to become another SmackDown and another RAW.”

Continuing on the topic, Jericho said that NXT will start interacting with other WWE shows once it moves to TV and if you don’t like the company’s other premier shows, then you won’t like NXT either.

What do you think about Jericho’s comments about NXT losing its identity after move to Fox? Let us know your thoughts on the matter in the comment section below.

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