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Chris Jericho claims that he might never get inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame

  • Sparti Love

    I understand but I stated “in the future”, not next year. Jericho is young enough that he could be inducted in 10yrs, far after his tenure with AEW, just like Jarrett

  • D_O

    Flair went in as part of the horsemen while under TNA contract. I don’t doubt that Vince is unlikely to put him in but Vince is not going to outlive Jericho.

  • CC

    He will go in yes, but not while he works for them. That is his point.
    If he leaves them, then yes WWE will induct him one day but no way are they going to put one of AEW employees in now they are fully up and running. This goes for the likes of Goldust, Cody, Moxley & Matt Hardy. They will all go in one day if they ever leave AEW. If they stay even after they retire, they ain’t going in.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    Man you know that is bull crap of course he will still be in the WWE Hall of Fame. These EX WWE in AEW are to much with there whining and crying. It why nobody cares about AEW.

  • CC

    If AEW continues for many years to come and Jericho stays working with them even beyond his in ring retirement, then no, he will never go in. WWE would not be inducting people while they work for a competitor. Only reason Billy Gunn went in after signing with AEW is he was part of a faction, has ties to HHH and at the time AEW had not even started with their TV shows.

    Jarrett is not an accurate comparison as by the time he went in, he was no longer alligned with another promotion and was in negotiations (or had already agreed to) for a job at WWE.

  • Johnny Rocket

    The difference with that is Jeff Jarrett is employed by the WWE and got inducted after he was removed from TNA. Jericho said “If he continues to work for the Kahn family for life”.

  • Sparti Love

    If the WWE can induct Jeff Jarrett then there’s no reason why they wouldn’t induct Jericho in the future