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Chris Jericho Comments On How Was Kept Hidden At Night Of Champions

Chris Jericho addressed his appearance at this past Sunday’s WWE Night of Champions pay-per-view event, how his appearance came about, and then he commented on certain fans who only think he returns to WWE to job to the younger WWE stars. Here are the highlights.

On Night of Champions:

“It was a great match and really had a great time. Everybody worked hard that Braun Strowman is huge and super green, but he’s not stupid. He has some intelligence, and he knows how green he is. He listens, and we put on a pretty good show there. “

On WWE contacting him:

“I got a call about two or week’s prior asking if I was available to do Night of Champions, and I said that it depends on what they wanted me to do. We want you to the guest partner for the Night of Champions, So I said that it also depends on where we’re going with it. I always want to know where the story is going. I had a few meetings with them about what I want to do and where I want it to go. The powers of be agreed to it and we were on.

On appearing:

I went and flew into Houston, I got in about two o’clock and I just hung around the airport because I did not need to be in the arena until about four and when I got there I was going to be hidden. So I just hung out in the airport, I ate and read a book. I did not want to go down to baggage claim because sometimes fans will hang out there and will see me. I only had carry on bags with me. I waited until four o’clock and had a driver come pick me up and drop me off at the drop department. I got into an unmarked car and drove all the way down to the arena. When we got to the arena, I had to get into the floorboard of the car so the fans couldn’t see me. I went down the rampway as Mrk Carano is waiting on me. I get out and go straight into this room. It was like a side dressing room, which was great because you usually have to hide in a bus. I was in the room with Kane, so I got to shoot the breeze with him for a little bit. Then Jamie Noble, who was the producer of the match, came in, and we discussed the match. We put out some ideas then the guys from the Wyatt Family came in and we had a pretty good match.

Jericho then brought up the finish of the match (him tagging himself in) and how he planted seeds for a story. He explained that the only reason he does TV is for storylines, if there’s no storyline to it then he’s not going to do it. He said that he loves doing the summer/fall tours. He went on record by saying that he could do that until the day he retires.

He then said that he will not be on RAW in the near future as he has a lot of stuff coming up. He explained that he has a ton of live events to work and then his tour with Fozzy. He said that maybe, just maybe the answers to the questions coming out of Night of Champions will be known, or maybe those questions will never have answers.

“Maybe it was a one time deal, so Jericho could come back and job to the new guys because that’s all that he does. To those people, you don’t know shit! Storytelling that’s what we do here in the WWE and on Talk is Jericho.”

You can listen to the entire podcast here (he talks about WWE in the first twelve minutes of the podcast):

  • Yespage

    Strowman is green?! He nearly made a couple big botches that could have got someone hurt. The next Heidenreich?

  • pitfallharry219

    Coming in to job to new guys IS all he does anymore. He lost to Fandango at Wrestlemania. FANDANGO!