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Chris Jericho comments on relationship with Triple H

Chris Jericho AEW

Nobody could have thought that Chris Jericho would be wrestling for another company a couple of years ago but in the past year he has not only held a title in a company outside of his home promotion but now he has also signed a contract with what could possibly become a rival for WWE.

A lot of people believe that Triple H gaining more control in WWE is one of the reasons for this change as the belief is that Jericho doesn’t have the same relationship with the Game which he has with Vince McMahon.

So it’s very interesting that Jericho took the time to post the following photo of himself and the former World Champion just days after his signing with AEW, calling him a true brother:

We’ll probably never know if Chris has any hidden implications behind this post, but knowing him and considering how he is a mastermind of marketing, it’s probably just a way to get people talking.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    Jericho and HHH has no beef anymore. Both are good friends it the Dirt sheet who think there is bad blood. But then again HHH will always have haters which only means he a huge success.

  • CC

    Jericho has said many times that despite having issues in the past, he and HHH get on really well these days, and have done for years.