Chris Jericho wants one-half of a current Raw tag-team to become Cruiserweight Champion

After finally starting his tour with Fozzy, former WWE United States Champion Chris Jericho talked to Busted Open Radio and opened up about his recent run with WWE.



When asked about how to fix the current Cruiserweight Divison of the company, Jericho introduced an idea which not many people would have thought of, saying that Enzo Amore should become Cruiserweight Champion:

“here’s what I think could work, I think if you put Enzo Amore as a Cruiserweight, and put Enzo vs. Neville for the title, have Enzo win it, watch people get interested in the Cruiserweight division. And people at home are going ‘Ah Enzo can’t work!’ It’s not about that. It’s about getting people to care about the title. Get Enzo in there, have him win it, and watch people start to get involved in the 205 Live. Then Neville has someone to work with. He doesn’t have a baby face to work with. He really doesn’t, that’s super genuinely over with the crowd. That will help.”

Talking about his Asylum Match with Dean Ambrose, Jericho revealed how he came up with the ideas for the build-up of the match:

“Yeah I am, and it’s funny too because even the Dean Ambrose feud, I know a lot of people didn’t like the Asylum match but that whole feud was based around Dean Ambrose being called the Lunatic Fringe, but never doing anything loony. You can’t just call yourself that. So that’s when I came up with the potted plant, smash it over his head. Then he comes back and destroys my light-up jacket because I don’t want that anymore, cause that’s a babyface thing – which I have now brought back into the Fozzy show cause that gets a great reaction as it should”

Finally, Chris talked about how he helped put young talents over and in their character developments too, saying that it was one of his favourite years:

“I remember where I used to have this thing where I wear the scarf and I refuse to take it off. I won’t take it off. Then finally the babyface takes it off and holds it, and what’s he gonna do with it? I would have Seth Rollins blow his nose it in, or have Roman Reigns put it on and prance around – people would love it. Finn Balor did that too. It gives these people who haven’t really had a chance to show what a character is, the character of being jus this guy who is going to screw with Chris Jericho. And of course I said accordingly you have your match right there, you’re off to the races. it was fun doing that and helping the guys. And also it was good for me, it helped me hone my style and evolve my way of doing things. It was definitely one of my favourite years ever.”


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