Chris Jericho Drops Vince McMahon Health Bombshell

Vince McMahon recently sent shock waves with his announcement. He announced that he is retiring as Chairman and CEO of WWE. It was later clarified that he was also done with his work on creative. Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan are Co-CEOs of WWE, while Triple H is EVP of Talent Relations. Hunter has also taken the responsibility of the creative as well. AEW star Chris Jericho recently spoke about Vince’s retirement and how his career has affected his own health.



Chris Jericho opens up on Vince McMahon

In an interview with, Chris Jericho reacted to the news that Vince has retired from WWE:

“The thing is, for me, I haven’t worked in the WWE since 2017. And I did work there almost 20 years. I always loved working with Vince. Learned a lot from him. And, you know, he had a great run. And then stepping back is, you know, probably for the best for him, even from a physical standpoint, because he runs himself so ragged from the workload that he has.”

With Mr. McMahon now officially retired, it now opens up many possibilities for the company. However, it appears that the speculations concerning opportunities and changes aren’t limited to just the WWE locker room but also AEW. Many talents might show interest to join WWE. Stars like Jon Moxley and Darby Allin might consider heading to WWE.

As reported by Wade Keller of PWTorch:

“Several discontented wrestlers in AEW are happy with the news now that Vince isn’t running the company anymore. Many who didn’t see WWE as an option earlier, are hopeful that WWE may show interest in them now,” said Keller.

Vince had also tried to sign some stars, who are currently with AEW. But he couldn’t manage to do it.

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