Chris Jericho Involved in New Controversy Over Slurs, Watch the Video

– has a new article up looking at comments Chris Jericho made a few weeks back at the Sacramento Horror Film Festival where he was doing a Q&A session after a screening of his movie, Albino Farm. Jericho referred to the session moderator as “Hadji”, a term used sometimes as a racial slur against Middle Easterners. After the host checked Jericho’s drink jokingly for alcohol, the WWE Superstar used a gay slur towards him.



Jericho told TMZ: “After seeing the video I realize some inappropriate comments were made and I apologize if I offended anybody. Just know that everyone on stage was having a blast and we all shared a drink and a laugh after! The good news is I got my wish of being posted on TMZ.”

Here’s the video from

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