Chris Jericho Kicks TMZ Cameras Out, Santino Marella/Rumble, More

– This past Thursday’s episode of WWE Superstars on WGN America scored a 1.0 rating with 962,000 viewers. The replay later on did an 0.2 rating with 209,000 viewers.



– Michael provided the following explanation on possibly why Santino Marella has been removed from the Royal Rumble match: I was at the 1/25 Monday Night Raw and after the Santino assault by Swagger and during commercial, Santino was still lying on the ground, and a couple crew members were checking in on him. After about 3 minutes, Santino finally got up was taken to the back. I don’t know if it was a legit Injury or not, but it could be, and since he was taken out of the RR, that could mean why. Obviously, he could have been selling too.

– Chris Jericho appeared on FOX News yesterday and was sporting a black eye, presumably from the incident earlier in the week where he was arrested.

Jericho also noted on his Twitter last night that he had TMZ cameras kicked out of an in-store album signing with his band Fozzy.

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