Chris Jericho on what would make him return to WWE

Chris Jericho’s recent WWE run was arguably one of the best spells the former World Champion has had in WWE in his long and illustrious career.



While it has only been a few months since Jericho left the company, people have already started missing him and due to his comments that not wrestling again would not bother him, many wonder if he will ever make a return to WWE for a long stint.

During his recent appearance on The Other Guys Podcast, the former World Champion talked about a possible return saying that his opponent is not important and he will come back if a good storyline is presented to him:

“If I can think of a good story or if a good story is presented to me, then I’m all in, and I don’t care if it’s with John Cena or if it’s with Enzo Amore, whoever,” Jericho said. “If it’s a good storyline that I can sink my teeth into that I know people will love, just like the Festival of Friendship, then I’ll come back again. If not, then it might be a little harder to attract me.”

It’s worth mentioning here that Chris Jericho recently returned to SmackDown Live but it has since been revealed that his return was for one night only and the company doesn’t have any long term plan for Y2J at the moment.

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