Chris Jericho ‘Murder Threat’ In WWE Leaks

Chris Jericho told MJF on AEW Dynamite that Jake Hager helped save his life at a WWE show in Abu Dhabi in 2012 when his life was threatened by an assasin.



WWE’s first ever Abu Dhabi show took place at Zayed Sports City International Tennis Complex on February 11, 2012. Chris Jericho teamed with The Miz against CM Punk and R-Truth. Jack Swagger wrestled Santino Marella. Watch the promo below.

The segment was to promote The Inner Circle vs. The Pinnacle in a Blood and Guts match next week. Jericho also mocked MJF for being a trust fund baby. MJF said he would take Jericho’s top spot in AEW.

Hager’s career has been compared to Kurt Angle’s, and they’re both legit wrestling bad asses. WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle recently spoke with The Hannibal TV. He opened up on working with the former WWE Champion, The Rock. The Rock was one of Chris Jericho’s best WWE rivals.

Kurt Angle and The Rock were the top stars during their time in WWE

The Olympic Gold Medalist spoke highly of The Brahma Bull and addressed him as one of the best stars he has worked with. Brock Lesnar Offered ‘Million Dollar’ WWE Match

He also spoke about The Rock’s in-ring ability and said he was even better with the mic as he cut great entertaining promos.

He said:

“Dwayne was awesome. He was an incredible performer. One of the best athletes I’ve ever been in the ring with. He had a jump, a spring. He could jump high, he was quick, he had all the tools. He was even better at cutting promos and this guy was a great find for Vince McMahon. I don’t think anybody, when Dwayne first started, thought that he would have the success that he had within a few years. He was the biggest name, outside of Stone Cold, in professional wrestling and he went on to Hollywood and became a blockbuster actor. He’s another guy that’s good at everything he does.”

Kurt Angle and The Rock had several memorable and hard hitting matches during their stint in WWE. They are regarded as two of greatest stars the company has ever got.

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