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Chris Jericho on CM Punk: “We don’t need him”

CM Punk is a name which has been part of many discussion lately because he recently auditioned for WWE backstage and many believe it’s the first step towards his wrestling return.

If Punk does decide to come back to the ring, he is very likely to become a point of competition and it wouldn’t be a surprise if the former World Champion finds himself in middle of a bidding war between AEW and WWE.

However, the current AEW World Champion Chris Jericho is denying that their company needs Punk and when asked about the former WWE Star in the MMA Show podcast, Jericho said the following:

We don’t need him. It’s always great to have a guy (Punk) like that, but it’s up to him…I haven’t talked to him in a long time. If he wanted to come in, it would be a huge buzz, it’d be great. But, I have a feeling he wants to go back to WWE because Vince wants to close the circle. He wants to be friends with everybody, and I think Punk feels the same way.”

Apart from this, Chris Jericho also talked about how the atmosphere in wrestling has changed since 90s, Hulk Hogan being a great guy to get advice from and more.

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    Love or hate Punk, nobody can deny that if he retruns it would be one of the biggest things in wrestling for a long time. Whether it would have long term benefits is unknown, but whoever secures his services will get a huge rub from it initially, and right now AEW would benefit massively. Do they need him? No. But he would give them a huge edge if they did, and would certainly raise more eyebrows than Jack Swagger.