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Chris Jericho on Hulk Hogan Vs The Rock leaving him disappointed in his Wrestlemania main event

Chris Jericho AEW

  • oppa

    I believe Jericho over HHH on this one. The whole point of the show was it was supposed to be HHH’s crowning moment to comeback from injury and win the title at Mania. That’s what he wanted to end the show with. People in WWE didn’t know that Hogan and Rock would take all of the air out of the building and that people would leave after their match feeling that they got their money’s worth. Truth be told, every time HHH went on last on a WrestleMania, he was upstaged by another match. His best matches always came when he wasn’t last on the card.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    I remember reading many articles, where Triple H said, that he didnt think it should have gone on last as well. And I dont even remember Hogan v Rock match as very good, a few spot for sure, but nothing monumental. Hunter and Jerichos match was better, just not as “big of a deal”. I honestly thought that Austin should have gone against Hogan. But I thought I remember reading that Hogan wouldnt lose to Austin and neither would Austin to Hogan, but then Hogan changed his mind about losing to Rock.