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Chris Jericho on if his time with WWE is over

After signing a three-year exclusive contract with All Elite Wrestling, it does seem that Chris Jericho will be working with other promotions, providing that AEW wants to work with them, however WWE will not be one of them.

Jericho will not be appearing for WWE in the next three years he has told Chris Van Vliet:

”Well, I mean, maybe in three years I might go there or be associated with them or whatever. But for right now, for the next three years, it’s AEW. That’s where I’m signed, and that’s the contract that I have.”

And when his AEW contract is up?

”My career, I never expected it to go this long. Then 2016 came around and the thing with Kevin Owens started, which was just ridiculously popular. Suddenly Chris Jericho’s name value is bigger than ever. Then the opportunity to do Alpha vs. Omega, Kenny vs. Jericho at the Tokyo Dome. Suddenly from a business standpoint now Jericho is making a difference to help this company in New Japan make some real inroads in the States. Then, like I said, all these other things happened to where I had this great year in Japan, it was only supposed to be one show but then I signed on for three more matches. Then the cruise comes up and I need a main event for that, so I do that match. I never really expected to still be wrestling but to be wrestling at the highest of levels with my name bigger now than it’s ever been, who knows, man? I don’t ever really think about what I’m going to be doing in the future. If I finish my career with the WWE or AEW, my time in WWE is cemented, if I go back or not. It’s not like it was back in the day when you’re black balled for life and ‘you’ll never hear the name Chris Jericho again.’ It’s not like that. So whether I go back or not, I mean, I’m still always a part of the WWE, for sure.”

  • gar216

    Don’t get me wrong. I like Jericho a lot. But for as much as I like Jericho. Jericho likes Jericho 10x more.