Chris Jericho On Mr. Lobo Incident, Hogan Joining TNA, 2005 WWE Leave and more

– Chris Jericho was recently interviewed by Express Night Out and below are the highlights:



Leaving Wrestling In 2005: I think last time I was burned out after 15 years of being in the business, and kind of really spinning my wheels when I left. I wasn’t really mentally there, and if you’re not mentally there in this job you might as well just quit because you get hurt or you hurt somebody else…

Keeping Busy On The Road: You spend a lot of time sleeping. When you get on the plane, you watch movies or read a magazine or book, or just sleep, chill out, relax. Because a lot of the travels we make are very long, so you really just have to settle into it and not be too hyper; you just have to relax, otherwise you’ll lose your mind being on planes for, sometimes, 15 hours. You have to learn to relax when you’re traveling.

Hulk Hogan Joining TNA: Anything that makes that company bigger is better for us. Competition is what we thrive on, so good luck to them. I hope they get a real big boost from it.

Mr. Lobo Incident: It’s frustrating, [but] I guess it’s just the world we live in nowadays, so you have to be careful with what you say because nobody has a sense of humor or really understands when you’re just shooting the breeze with your friends. So, I got my slap on the wrist, and I’m very, very, very, very sorry to anybody who was offended.

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