Chris Jericho on Shawn Spears’ situation

WWE is the biggest wrestling promotion in the world and working there gives superstars a lot of fame and credibility.



On Busted Open Radio, Chris Jericho talked about  Shawn Spears’ situation and how it was a miracle that he was released from WWE. This is due to the fact that WWE is allegedly not giving any more releases.

“I don’t know why [Shawn Spears] sat on the sidelines for eight months. I don’t know why a lot of guys sit on the sidelines for eight months.”

“But you know how it works up North, brother. If you fall out of grace, you’re finished being played with as Vince’s toy, you get put in the corner. Thankfully, Shawn got his release. He’s the last one that will. Nobody will ever get their release from WWE again. Nobody. He got his release, Cody and him are friends. Cody knew what he was capable of. I knew what he was capable of. I championed to get him. The guy is a tremendous heel. He’s an old school heel. He looks the part. Putting him with Tully Blanchard is a great idea. He’s a main eventer. We’re going to make him into a star, just by putting him with Cody Rhodes.”

WWE might not release more superstars as they could end up being part of the competition. So Tye Dillinger is definitely very lucky.

Shawn Spears will be facing Cody Rhodes at AEW All Out this month.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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