Chris Jericho on the possibility of shooting a Dynamite episode from Jericho cruise

Chris Jericho had the idea for holding a wrestling cruise from a long time and his vision finally came true when the first edition of his Rock ‘N’ Wrestling Rager at Sea was successfully held in 2018.



The AEW Champion is now gearing up for the second Jericho Cruise which will set sail on January 20 in 2020 and he is not declining the possibility of shooting an AEW dynamite episode from the same.

The former WWE Star recently spoke to where he revealed that he is already planning the third Jericho Cruise and he went on to talk about possibly shooting a Dynamite episode on the same:

“Yeah, January 20th is sold out already, so we’re gonna talk soon about Jericho Cruise No. 3. So, it’s exciting! You remember WCW had Road Wild and Bash at the Beach, where you’re taking wrestling out of the arena. If you saw the event we did last year on a cruise ship, it looked so beautiful. The middle of the night in the middle of the ocean, the stars shining down, the lights. I’d like that to be an annual thing, and as I’m with AEW, there’s no reason to take a day out of a wrestling company. So, if we can make it the annual rock and wrestling rager at sea edition of [AEW] Dynamite, that’s great! Just adds another element to our very cool show.”

Would you want AEW to shoot an episode of their weekly television series from the Cruise of Jericho? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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