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Chris Jericho on if he plans to return to WWE

Chris Jericho

Whenever Chris Jericho is on WWE TV he is always a show stealer and that’s why fans can’t wait for him to return to the company whenever he is away.

However, after his recent run, Chris had made some headlines by saying that he doesn’t know whether or not he will ever return to the company.

Though thankfully, Y2J gave a breath of relief to his fans during his recent interview with JR for his Podcast by saying that he will surely be back when the time comes:

“I enjoyed the Kevin Owens storyline so much. Once it ended, I knew that I needed to get away for a while because I knew there was nothing that can compare to that. It’s good to step away and step aside for a bit, but when the time comes I am sure I will be back, but until then I am so busy that you will be seeing me all the time anyways.”

While Chris Jericho didn’t exactly reveal when he plans to have another run with the company, it’s still a good news that he is open to a return and we hope that the former World Champion will comeback sooner rather than later.

  • CC

    He will never commit in interviews. When will people learn?