Chris Jericho reacts to Undertaker match at Greatest Royal Rumble

We noted before how Rusev was removed from the Greatest Royal Rumble event and it was announced that Chris Jericho will be replacing the Bulgarian Brute in the match against Undertaker.



After the announcement, Y2J reacted to being put in a match with the Dead Man with the following tweet, saying that he has beaten Taker before and he will ‘bury his a%$’:

For those who don’t know, Rusev reportedly asked for his WWE release before WrestleMania and as a result, he was put into the US title match at WrestleMania where he ended up taking the pin.

After the announcement that he will be facing The Phenom in a casket match, the former NXT Star made a tweet asking Taker to ‘bury’ him softly which had raised many eyebrows.

And now it appears that the tweet has made officials furious with the former US Champion as he was removed from the upcoming event and the Rusev himself has also removed all WWE references from his various social media accounts.

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