Chris Jericho ‘Rejected’ By Smackdown Star In Photo

Chris Jericho is a former AEW World Champion is one of the iconic stars in the promotion.



Recently, the Japanese star Yuji Nagata had challenged Jon Moxley for the IWGP United States Title on the May 12 episode of AEW Dynamite. It was Nagata’s first-time back on TNT since the days of WCW and his first visit to America since the pandemic.

Chris Jericho rejected Shinsuke Nakamura for AEW?

A photo started circulating before the event which saw Nagata posing with WWE star Shinsuke Nakamura and Sony Onoo, which led to some fans to believe that Nakamura was backstage at AEW Dynamite. Vince McMahon ‘Rejected’ Major Raw Heel Turn

 During conversation on Perched On The Top Rope, Onoo explained this was not the case.

Here’s what was said:

“Shinsuke Nakamura was one of the young lions when I met him. Since Yuji Nagata was coming to Florida, I was communicating with Yuji and he said Shinsuke was going to come and we’d go to dinner. I didn’t think anything of it,” he said.

“Until we started the WWE vs. WCW angle, people would visit locker rooms when they were in town. Yuji’s flight was late, so he called me up and said Shinsuke was downstairs at the hotel and wanted me to keep him company. We sat down, had a drink, and I didn’t realize it was an issue until Chris Jericho joined us and we’re among friends. Chris asked, ‘Maybe we get a picture’ and Shinsuke said, ‘Probably not a good idea.’ None of us really asked to take a picture until later on, it was a close group; Rocky Romero, myself, and Ren Narita.

Shinsuke took us out to dinner. That was it. It was just Shinsuke [paying tribute] to Yuji for helping him when he was young. We weren’t near the arena and Shinsuke refrained from taking a picture with anyone from AEW.”

Nakamura is currently under the WWE contract to WWE and performs on WWE Friday Night SmackDown.

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