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Chris Jericho responds to fan claiming AEW wants to be like WWE

Chris Jericho AEW

All Elite Wrestling’s first show, Double or Nothing, took place last month and has captivated the wrestling world. The company will be making their official TV debut later this fall on TNT. And while some are excited for weekly programming from AEW, expecting to get something different than the WWE product, some fans feel that they’re just trying to emulate the company.

In a now-deleted tweet, the fan wrote:

As much as I love @AEWrestling, it has to be said… @AEWrestling: ‘We don’t want to be @WWE Lite’.

Also @AEWrestling: Signs @Perfec10n and @JonMoxley in less than 1 month. Also trying to recruit @CMPunk.

Umm yeah… plus they got @dustinrhodes, @CodyRhodes, @IAmJericho…

Jericho’s response was short and to the point.

  • Jason Conlan

    I agree totally and they will ultimately end up the same way as WCW did….

  • Rinn13

    lol As a face and ambassador for AEW, that was incredibly childish and pointless of Jericho. He’s supposed to be bigger than that. The dude’s in his 40s, and a rich superstar. Telling some fan to “go f*** their ass”, just for sharing their opinion? Pretty sad. I like Jericho, but sometimes he acts in ways that really bewilder/disappoint me.

    Also, frankly, the poster wasn’t wrong. AEW says they want to be different, but they really are trying to be the “Anti-WWE”, in the wrong ways. Like the pointless gag of Cody smashing a “HHH throne”. There was literally no reason to do that spot, at all. I have no real love for modern WWE. But if you want to be different, then grow up, and focus on being your own thing. I have a bad feeling that AEW is going to put a lot of focus into taking “shots” at WWE and signing former WWE stars and trying to make it known they’re “The Anti-WWE”, much like WCW did.

    Hope I’m wrong. But that’s already what it seems like.

  • StoneColdBeckyLynch