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Chris Jericho responds to fan claiming AEW wants to be like WWE

Chris Jericho AEW

  • Jason Conlan

    I agree totally and they will ultimately end up the same way as WCW did….

  • Rinn13

    lol As a face and ambassador for AEW, that was incredibly childish and pointless of Jericho. He’s supposed to be bigger than that. The dude’s in his 40s, and a rich superstar. Telling some fan to “go f*** their ass”, just for sharing their opinion? Pretty sad. I like Jericho, but sometimes he acts in ways that really bewilder/disappoint me.

    Also, frankly, the poster wasn’t wrong. AEW says they want to be different, but they really are trying to be the “Anti-WWE”, in the wrong ways. Like the pointless gag of Cody smashing a “HHH throne”. There was literally no reason to do that spot, at all. I have no real love for modern WWE. But if you want to be different, then grow up, and focus on being your own thing. I have a bad feeling that AEW is going to put a lot of focus into taking “shots” at WWE and signing former WWE stars and trying to make it known they’re “The Anti-WWE”, much like WCW did.

    Hope I’m wrong. But that’s already what it seems like.

  • StoneColdBeckyLynch