Chris Jericho reveals backstage details on Miro’s AEW debut

During the latest episode of his Saturday Night Special Stream, Chris Jericho talked about the AEW debut of Miro and revealed some interesting details regarding his signing.



Chris first revealed that they had talked about signing the former WWE star when he was first released from the promotion but they waited until they found a suitable storyline for him:

“We had discussed Miro coming in a few months earlier. However, we were all wondering how to create a spot for him [on the roster]. We needed to find a storyline for him, to ensure he’s just not going to be hanging around. We needed to find a meaningful spot for him.”

Continuing on the topic, Chris revealed that the Best Man catchphrase is not a one time thing and it’s actually going to be the new gimmick for the star formerly known as Rusev:

“The Best Man thing is not a one-time deal; It is going to be his new gimmick. He’s the Best Man at everything, similar to Mr. Perfect. You know, Miro has always been a great guy, very funny guy, which a lot of people don’t know. It’s very cool to have him with us.”

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