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Chris Jericho reveals interesting details on the offer he got from Impact Wrestling

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    Somebody ego is getting the best of him. All these big money deal is nothing compare to what Ted Turner was offering WWF guys to come join WCW.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    I read it as $500k.


    Complete fabrication. Jericho and all the other guys are saying they were offered this by WWE or that by Impact or whatever to make it look like they are getting ridiculous deals with AEW. While they are getting great deals from AEW I’m sure, it just inflates people’s imagination when you throw out a crazy number. “Man, if Impact offered Jericho 4 mill for four matches, then AEW must be paying him 20 mil for 3 years” yeah right give me a break. If Jericho was offered 1 million a match for 4 matches and he turned it down, then he is a STUPID IDIOT. Ha! He could have taken that money and then signed with AEW after. I’m a huge Jericho fan by the way but even I have to call BS.

  • CC

    So Impact, a company that cannot even keep its own talent on board, wanted to offer Jericho between $4-6 million for 4 matches?
    It really shows why, despite management changes, they can never get to the level they should have done in the industry, and the reason why they struggle to get TV deals.

    No point throwing money at a guy like Jericho for 4 matches if you cannot even build the foundations of the company first.