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Chris Jericho reveals the sad story behind his first WWE title win

Chris Jericho

It’s a well-known fact that Chris Jericho defeated the Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin on the same night during Vengeance 2001 to become the first ever undisputed champion.

One would think that after winning both the WCW World title and the WWF title Jericho would have received a grand welcome backstage or at least celebrated afterward.

However, during a recent interview with Chris revealed the sad story of the day he won the WWF title for the first time and became the undisputed champion.

According to the former World Champion, first of all the way he found out that he was going to win the title during the PPV wasn’t pleasant at all:

“I was told in the afternoon that I was going to win when Vince McMahon said to The Undertaker at the catering table: ‘Hey ‘Taker, how do you know the business is going down the toilet? Because we’re putting the belt on Jericho’ and that’s how I found out I was going to be the champion”

Continuing on the topic Y2J revealed that after the PPV there was no celebration and instead he had to spend the night in his hotel room eating a cold pizza:

“I came back through the curtain; everyone was gone because when you’re on last everybody leaves to get out of the traffic quicker. Sat there by myself and then drove to a hotel where room service stopped at midnight, it was 11:58. They wouldn’t serve it, so I got pizza. They wouldn’t bring it to my room, so I had to go down to the lobby to get it. When I went back up, I was locked out. Went back down to the lobby, the guy wouldn’t let me in even though I just checked in a few minutes earlier. Dropped the pizza on the floor when he finally did let me in. So, I spent the night being the first undisputed champion eating cold, fuzzy pizza in a Ramada Inn somewhere in Anaheim, California. So, no hookers and blow there, kids.”

  • MrDr3w

    Back then, he was just another undersized WCW guy. That’s why the cruiserweights all started taking steroids #ripeddie

  • Nope, still paid dues most likely.

  • CC

    but was he back then?

  • MindTricked


  • jack

    disgraceful way to treat one of the most loved wrestlers ever.

  • Kristopher Robinson