Chris Jericho Reveals How His WWE Return Happened, How He Stayed Hidden In Hartford, More

– Chris Jericho spoke about his return to WWE on RAW this week during his latest Talk Is Jericho podcast, which also features Vinnie Paul from Hellyeah.



Jericho said Fozzy is his priority but when there’s time, when he ideas work out and everything else works out, he returns to WWE. Jericho said he’s always in talks with WWE but wanted a purpose for this return. He talked with WWE earlier this year and late last year about wrestling Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania XXX but obviously that didn’t work out. Jericho was also interested in working with Bray Wyatt but he was feuding with John Cena.

Jericho said he got a call a month ago and one of WWE’s writers wanted to speak with him. Fozzy was planning to work a tour this summer but they didn’t get on it, so he had free time. WWE mentioned working with Bray Wyatt again and Jericho was into it. He said three weeks went by and he didn’t hear back from them. Jericho supplied WWE with dates he was free and finally got the call to return on Friday, just a few days before RAW.

Jericho flew into Boston on Monday to keep it a secret. He drove to Hartford and arrived around 5:30pm to the arena. He waited until fans outside of the arena left before driving down to enter the building. Jericho sat in a production bus for over 4 hours, meeting with agent Dean Malenko to go over ideas for the angle. Malenko took some of Jericho’s ideas back to Vince McMahon for approval. Jericho said he then met with The Wyatt Family and The Miz to go over some things before going to the gorilla position.

Jericho said the whole deal for his return was made in about 5 minutes with Triple H on Friday.

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