Chris Jericho Says He’s a Modern-Day Vaudevillian Performer, Update on His Sharknado 3 Role

– Chris Jericho recently spoke with The Toronto Sun to promote his web series “But I’m Chris Jericho” coming to Shaw’s Action channel in Canada this month. Jericho commented on the early days of his pro wrestling career when it was all about his size:



“I knew I would never be the biggest guy in the show, but I could have the biggest character, and the biggest charisma, the biggest personality, so that’s kind of where it all started. Like – this is acting, play this character, play this part. So, I’m an entertainer. That’s exactly what I think of myself. I’m a showman. I’m a modern-day vaudevillian performer, basically.”

Jericho also revealed that he will be playing a ride attendant at Universal Studios in the upcoming Sharknado 3 movie. We noted a few weeks back that Jericho filmed a scene with actress Tara Reid. Jericho told The Toronto Sun that he’s pretty happy with the role.

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