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Chris Jericho talks about reinventing himself

Former WWE Champion Chris Jericho has been known for the ability to reinvent himself time and again. The AEW World Champion is not only a pillar of AEW but is also set to compete for NJPW.

One of the things fans have loved about Y2J over the years has been his ability to come up with new and unique catchphrases. Talking to Sports Illustrated, Le Champion spoke about why he doesn’t like re-using his own catchphrases, also taking a dig at Degeneration X.

I have a great list of hits, but a lot of those will never be played again because I’m too busy concentrating on new hits and performing at the highest level. It’s hard to leave all the old gimmicks and catchphrases, and take a chance, but if you don’t do that, it’s like DX coming to the ring in 2019 and yelling ‘Suck it!’ It looks like a relic from the past, and I never wanted to be that.

The Painmaker Chris Jericho will be facing Hiroshi Tanahashi at Wrestle-Kingdom 14, night 2.

  • Johnny wrestling

    What’s deceiving about these interviews are that interviewee usually asks them a question in reference to the WWE. Have you listened to any of them? The person being interviewed just answers based on that. But these people who write these articles only mention the part the interviewer says because it gives them click bait. And it gives off the impression that they’re talking bad about WWE. Which makes us want to read what was said. It’s the media that tries to make it seem like there’s a WWE vs AEW narrative.

  • Vishal Hussain

    He’s 100% correct. Also, The Rock is like that. Comes back, says the same stuff and it’s getting a bit tired.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Because it just seems petty. If hes an all out AEW guy, then that’s fine. But I think he just needs to move on if he has that big of an issue with the WWE. Every interview is something WWE related; bash, shot, or whatever. But when he was with WWE, then he bashed WCW often. Just seems like he makes his interviews, about bashing previous companies. I’m still a fan of his, just makes me a little less of a fan everytime.

  • Sparti Love

    You know you can edit your original comment without adding a new one with the correction. Yes, that bothers me lol

  • Johnny wrestling

    *that has nothing to do with your life bother you?

  • Johnny wrestling

    Why does another man taking a shot at a company that has nothing to do with your life make you not like that guy anymore?

  • Steven Davis

    Jibe doesn’t mean what you think it means.

  • Sparti Love

    I wouldn’t really call that a shot, he’s just using DX as an example

  • Steven J

    Does the writers computer not have a spell check in it?

  • Kristopher Robinson

    I was honestly a long time Jericho fan, but it seems like everytime he speaks, he just takes shots at WWE. Even though, this time, really wasnt a “shot”.