Chris Jericho Talks Love for WWE & Being Taken Seriously

RockcellerMagazine recently spoke with former WWE Star, Chris Jericho. Here are few exerts from the interview.



RCM: So you think it’s hard to be taken seriously as a musician when you’re already famous from your other career?

Jericho: The best example for me is 30 Seconds to Mars. They’re a great rock and roll band in their own right, but people will still say, “Oh, Jared Leto, he’s that actor…” Who gives a shit if he’s an actor! People should just care that he’s a great rock and roll singer who’s in a great rock and roll band.

RCM: How does performing in the WWE as an established wrestler compare with performing live with Fozzy?

Jericho: Now that the band is getting to the level where I am in wrestling, it’s so gratifying and exciting to see it all happening again. I love wrestling. I love the WWE, I always have and I always will, but when you’ve done it for as long as I have and gotten to the peak of the peak of the peak…a pay-per-view like “Money in the Bank” is a great challenge, but to me it’s just another pay-per-view.

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