Chris Jericho Talks WrestleMania 31, Rey Mysterio – AAA Update, The Brian Kendrick, NXT Tapings

– The April 23rd WWE NXT TV tapings are sold out.



– Kris Zellner of The Lucha Report backs up a previous report that AAA’s press conference set for next Tuesday in Mexico is likely to announce Rey Mysterio’s return to the promotion. Zellner says Rey likely will not wrestle at the March 15th Rey de Reyes show but an appearance is definitely in play.

– WWE has added The Brian Kendrick to the NXT roster page, just like they did with Rhyno after he debuted last week. There’s been no talk of either Superstar signing a new deal with WWE.

– Chris Jericho wrote on Twitter that a WrestleMania 31 Ladder Match appearance for him is “not gonna happen.” Jericho also tweeted to a fan who was complaining about WrestleMania, telling him to get over it:

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