Chris Jericho to take part in upcoming Jay and Silent Bob film

Chris Jericho continues to get incredible booking opportunities outside of WWE. However, this time he won’t be in a ring.



On Instagram, Kevin Smith revealed that Y2J would be a part of the Jay and Silent Bob reboot.

Smith stated that Chris Jericho’s scene was like something stolen from “some of the 80’s road movies” he grew up watching.

Jericho has appeared in a few films in the past, like the 2009 horror film Albino Farm, and the 2010 release MacGruber. He also put out a comedy web series in 2013 called But I’m Chris Jericho! which focused on his life as a former wrestler struggling to make it in the acting world.

Smith stated that the upcoming film is “literally the same f—ing movie” as 2001’s Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

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