Chris Jericho Tried To ‘Steal’ Bret Hart From WWE

Chris Jericho wanted to get Bret Hart into New Japan Pro Wrestling! When you’re legend like Bret Hart, it’s no surprise that you’re wanted this heavily.



Via Fightful, Kevin Kelly sat down and spoke about some news that has come out that Bret Hart was a huge pick for the NJPW commentary crew.

Kelly had this to say: “Before Don Callis, [NJPW] had floated — it was going to be Kenny (Omega) and Jericho (wrestling) — they floated the idea of Bret Hart. I said, ‘Reach out to him.’ Before they did, because they didn’t have his number, Kenny suggested Don. That’s how Don Callis came to be, but one of the first names floated was Bret Hart. They were thinking, ‘Oh, Canadian!’ That would have been interesting and a lot of fun.”

Bret Hart never did join the NJPW commentary team which could have been extremely fruitful for the company. However, not all went sour as the NJPW commentary job for Callis helped him to become the IMPACT Wrestling co-executive Vice President and his relationship with (Kenny) Omega helped broker a partnership with AEW.

Bret Hart did make a cameo appearance at AEW Double or Nothing 2019 to introduce the company’s world title.

Dustin Schumacher
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