Chris Jericho on if Vince McMahon knew about his match with Kenny Omega

Ever since it was officially announced the upcoming match between Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega has become a hot topic of discussion among wrestling fans.



People are not only speculating about how good the upcoming bout between these two wrestling legends will be but they are also talking about how much of it the WWE officials knew beforehand.

During his recent appearance on the Ross Report podcast, Chris was asked the question everybody has in mind – whether or not Vince McMahon knew about this match.

Replying to it, the former World Champion said that he would never jeopardize his relationship with Mr. McMahon by giving him a nasty surprise:

“You know how smart I am throughout my career, and you know the relationship I have with Vince, and I would never jeopardize that, or give him any nasty surprises. So, I’ll just leave it at that.”

While Chris Jericho didn’t exactly reveal how much of it or how far in advance the Boss knew about his upcoming bout at the Wrestle Kingdom 12, he made it clear the Vince was aware of him working for NJPW before the official announcement for it was made.

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