Chris Jericho’s creepy encounter with rock royalty

Yoko Ono was the wife of John Lennon and many people make jokes about how she broke up The Beatles. Even though Lennon might not be with us anymore his widow is still around and highly protected.



Chris Jericho recently appeared on Fox News to plug his new book No Is A Four Letter Word and told an amazing story about the lengths he went through to get material for his new literary work.

“Everyone clears out except for me,” Jericho said. “I go hide in a stall and just wait for her to come in. Why? I don’t know what I’m going to do. But I remember thinking this is going to make such a great story for my next book. I might get dragged out of here and get the sh-t kicked out of me by these giant security guards that are following her around, but no I go sit on the toilet crouched on it like you’re a teenager hiding from Jason in a Friday the 13th movie. And in she comes, she goes pee, she comes out, I’m like here I go. I go up and wash my hands with Yoko Ono together talking. But to wrap that around this principle around Jericho being a complete creep, and it was a creepy thing to do. Guilty as charged.”

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