Chris Sabin Suffers a Stinger, Kevin Nash Goes Off Backstage at iMPACT

Partial source: PWInsider



– TNA star Chris Sabin suffered a stinger at last night’s TNA iMPACT tapings in Orlando for the show that will air on October 29th. Sabin and partner Alex Shelley were wrestling Team 3D when Sabin took a nasty bump while working with Brother Ray. At last word, Sabin was extremely sore but it doesn’t appear to be a major injury. The incident was described as extremely scary but Sabin did leave the ring on his own.

After the match, Kevin Nash went off backstage and was screaming to anyone who would listen that the production of the MCMG vs. Team 3D match should have been stopped because of Sabin’s injury. Nash was loudly complaining that TNA continued on with the match when it was obvious Sabin was hurt.

Then, later in the show, Kevin Nash came out for a scripted promo against the World Elite and brought up the Sabin injury from earlier. Nash was upset that TNA didn’t stop the match after Sabin’s injury. To the live crowd, Nash said he was glad that TNA was a taped show and then “tore down the company” for not stopping the match. TNA sources have confirmed that Nash’s mention of the Sabin incident in the ring was a shoot. It wasn’t something scripted for him by TNA creative and those comments against TNA will likely be edited off the October 29th iMPACT broadcast.

One rumor coming out of TNA says Nash was yelling at Team 3D for the incident but other sources dispute that report. Sources say Nash wasn’t yelling at any wrestlers but was screaming about the production truck not being responsible to the wrestlers. No word yet if TNA management spoke to Nash following his outburst.

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