Christian AEW Signing ‘Buried’ By Top WWE Stars

Christian has been getting lots of weigh-ins from current WWE stars, former WWE stars, former TNA stars, former WCW stars, and current AEW stars on his arrival to WWE’s biggest issue, AEW. Edge Reacts To Christian Cage Quitting WWE.



Dave Meltzer recently wrote in The Wrestling Observer Newsletter about Christian stating the following: “If people paid no attention to news and only watched AEW television, the name fit, but maybe they could be disappointed. If they followed the news, and in 2021, AEW fans mostly do given much of their promotion and information comes on social media and Internet news and not from the television show, so that’s where their fan base gets the news.”

Dave continues to seemingly scathe AEW creative: “To those people, like just about everyone, you’re almost disingenuous if that wasn’t the primary name (Kurt Angle being the only other one getting any traction) you expected. You have every right to an opinion that the signing isn’t a good move.”

Dave finished his review on the situation by leaving it at: “A lot of people have that opinion, and more of those who work in wrestling than don’t privately have that opinion but nobody wants to publicly say it, but it’s mixed and I’ve heard from people arguing each side. As a fan of the company, you certainly have the right to like it or not like it, although in the end what is important is how it plays out.”

We can only wait and see how Christian is used, but has others have stated, AEW may be dooming themselves to becoming TNA 2.0 by signing stars past their prime (with no disrespect to any of them including Christian).

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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