Christian Details Randy Orton Burying Him On Raw

During an appearance on the highly successful WWE program ‘The Bump’, “Captain Charisma’ Christian discussed a particular moment that wasn’t an ‘Instant Classic’ – when ‘The Viper’ Randy Orton defeated the WWE Hall of Famer in approximately ten seconds last year during an edition of Monday Night Raw. Christian spoke of the unsanctioned match and how he thought his career was over for good. He told the hosts of the program the following. Edge recently opened up about Christian’s Royal Rumble return



“That moment where we [Christian and Edge] locked eyes and that smile. This was all spur of the moment stuff. It was such a busy day for both of us we didn’t really have a chance to talk before we went out there. I think I had dropped Daniel Bryan and I looked up and he [Edge] was getting up, he had a smile on his face. In a weird way, I think this meant more to him than it did to me. He’s always had my back and always wanted the best for my career. He’s one of the few who knew the grind, the hours, the time I was putting in to get back to this point. There were very few people who knew, and he was one of them obviously. I think it meant just as much, if not more, in a weird way.”

“In the summer, when I had the unsanctioned match against Randy Orton, I looked at where I was in my life and was like, ‘am I making healthy choices?’ I wasn’t in the best shape ever. Living that retired life. I started thinking I should make some physical changes and get back into shape and see if it can actually happen. I was thinking did I want that to be the lasting memory people had of me, getting punted in a 10-second match. The way my career ended before never sat well with me as it was. I needed to get back in there and finish it on my terms and my way. If it was just the one match at Royal Rumble then so be it, but I needed to end it on my terms. I told myself if I do these tests and I pass, then opens new doors. If I don’t, then I’m in no different position. They told me I wasn’t crazy and it snowballed from there.”

Edge & Christian also plan to wrestle surprising WWE teams. Christian also addressed his in-ring future:

“No decisions have been made. I’m not sure at this point, it’s still to be determined. We’ll take it day-by-day. If that ends up being my last match, I did it on my terms and that’s all I wanted.”

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Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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