Christian Discusses Life After WWE, Edge’s Neck Injury and More

– Christian recently spoke with to promote upcoming WWE SmackDown tapings. Here are some highlights:



The best thing about working for WWE:
“Performing, that’s why we do what we do. You can be dead tired from jet lag from an overseas trip and you don’t feel like you’re dragging your feet all day long. But as soon as you hear that music and you hear the live roar from that crowd it all goes away.”

Life after WWE:
“I think that I’ll always be involved in some capacity with WWE. I hope to give back when my career’s over. I’m not going to quit anytime soon. It’s a great thing is that there’s always new challenges. I think there’s always some capacity be involved in WWE.”

Whether he prefers working as a heel or face:
“I think I just kinda go out there, I don’t ever go to far… I go out there and I do what I do and I never change what I do. I’ve always tried to keep a lot of my own personality in what you see on television, so it’s kinda of just an extension of myself.”

Edge’s injury and retirement:
“It was shocking [when Edge was hurt]. It stemmed from neck surgery that it had happened years previous. I know it just caught up with him, just the wear and tear on his body. It was shocking, of course if you know it can happen and I knew he was having a bit of issues with stuff on the things… and they called him back and said look you can’t do this anymore. And of course it was shocking, but if he didn’t retire he may have had serious nerve damage or paralysis if he’d fallen the wrong way. “

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