Christian is expecting Ali to be a success as leader of Retribution

Former WWE Superstar Christian recently appeared on Busted Open Radio. The former ECW Champion discussed a ton of topics on the show, including the Retribution stable and their new leader, Ali.



“I think that he’s got a lot of untapped potential” Christian began on the podcast. We haven’t really had a chance to see any layers of his personality, I don’t think. And? I think that there’s a lot there.”

“I’m interested to see how that unfolds and how he builds on it” Christian continued. “Now? He’s got an opportunity. That’s what you know everybody needs, that opportunity to show what they can do and he’s got it now.”

Ali recently ‘joined’ Retribution, at least on screen. It was revealed recently on RAW that Ali was the ‘leader’ of the group, aligning with the group to take on the Hurt Business.

It has not been confirmed if Ali was also behind the ‘hacker’ gimmick that dominated SmackDown earlier this year. Whilst WWE might not ever decide to elaborate on that loose end? It’s likely that Ali was the man behind the camera causing ripples in the company’s ongoing storylines.

Credit to SEScoops for transcription

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