Christian Speaks on Teaming with Edge Again

– ECW Champion Christian recently spoke to about teaming up with Edge again. Here’s what he had to say:



“Sure. I mean I don’t think that anything could be ruled out, to be honest with you. When, or if it’s going to happen, who knows. But I think that ever since I came back, there were all the rumblings even before I came back that I was going to reteam with him…I think that it’s something the fans want to see.”

Regarding the recent backstage WWE pay-per-view segment where the two appeared together, Christian said, “Yeah, there was a little bit of a teaser there. I think that, well it’s obviously not going to happen for a while now with Edge’s injury, but you know hopefully, at some point down the line, it will happen. I think we both hope that it does.”

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