Christopher Daniels Discusses Bound For Glory, Sting Going Into The TNA Hall of Fame

TNA Wrestling star and one half of the “World Tag Team Champions of the World”, the “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels joined The Rack Thursday Night. In a nearly 20 minute interview he talked about this evening’s Impact Wrestling and being put through a table by Sting and Bully Ray, his upcoming title defense against two teams at Bound for Glory, what he thinks of Sting going into the TNA Hall of Fame, the secret recipe for his famous Appletini, his involvement with Marvel Comics and especially Spider Man and any suggestions he has for fans, how to get Kaz and himself their own TV show, his favorite Bound for Glory moment, who he knows the leader of Aces and 8’s truly is, what the slogan would be if Kazarian and himself ran for the White House and much more.



How he was feeling after having been just put through a table at Impact by Sting and Bully Ray: Well, I am a little uncomfortable. I currently have ice on my back all the way down to the back of my right leg. I feel a little bit of sciatica, but because I am a physical marvel, I’m sure that I will be 105% for Bound for Glory; in fact, I’m going to do a bit of light jogging tonight as soon as I’m done eating here at the restaurant where I am eating. And then I’m going to stretch out a little bit and do some DDP Yoga.

His letter being printed in a recent Spider Man comic and how he got his comic super powers from a handshake with Billy Graham: “Exactly, both Frankie Kazarian and myself, it’s 100% true. You can look it up, it’s on Wikipedia; it’s on someone’s Wikipedia page, probably not mine because I don’t write my own, like some people. Look it up; if it’ says its on the internet, it’s true. If it happen in a Marvel letter’s column, so therefore it must be true.”

On having to face two teams this weekend at Bound for Glory: “Such a silly question. Of course we are ready to go. We’ve already beaten Kurt Angle and AJ Styles not once but twice; we beat them for the belts, the belts we currently hold, we defeated them for and we also beat them at No Surrender. And then, Chavo Guerrero III and Sean Hernandez, Jr. (sic); we’ve beaten those guys on national television. So, I mean, Hulk Hogan figured, ‘Well, if we can’t beat them, we’ve got to stack the deck against them’ so that all four of those guys are in the ring with us, but the problem is now those two teams are arguing with each other. Who’s going to get a chance at Kaz and Daniels first? Is it going to be the Latin guys? Is it going to be AJ or Kurt? I’ll tell you what the answer is: neither one of those guys is going to get their hands on us. We’re going to pick them apart; we’re like vultures picking apart a carcass on the Serengeti. We’re going to beat them to death, we’re going to leave them lying in a pool of their own blood. It’s as simple as that.”

What it was like being in the ring with an icon and future Hall of Famer like Sting: “Any time I can physically dominate someone like Sting, it’s awesome. But, of course things being the way they are, we were double teamed. We were unjustly beat upon; it was a 2-on-1 disadvantage that both Frankie and myself were put in. And then they bring tables into the ring; we won that match by DQ, We were three seconds away from beating them both with our finished, but of course then the table came into play and of course those guys couldn’t have beaten us 1-on-1, 2-on-1; they had to bring a table in. It was like an IKEA fest in there; everyone chanting ‘We want Tables! We Want Tables! Hey Bubba, get the Tables!’ For crying out loud! If they wanted tables, they could go shopping. This is professional wrestling; Frankie and I don’t dabble in this table nonsense. We don’t need props or paraphernalia to beat teams.”

His thoughts on Sting going into the TNA Hall of Fame: “You know what, I completely understand, as a current top guy in Impact Wrestling, and someone whose career is still so far from being over. Sting, however; he’s maybe three days away from retirement at any given moment, so that’s fine with me. He’s been a great ambassador for our company. He’s been someone who has supported this company since its inception. He’s an outstanding guy backstage, supporting the young wrestlers; guys that need direction and inspiration. I don’t personally need it but I see him backstage helping young lads out, like Dakota Darsow and Jesse Sorenson and Zema Ion and even once in a while giving a hand to someone like AJ Styles or Bob van Dam. You know, I don’t need those accolades from Sting because I already know I’m great. But, he’s trying to help out and try to be a team player and he deserves it. He’s put his effort it and he’s been an icon. He’s been an icon for many, many years now and he deserves it. It’ll be great to see him go off into the sunset and stop hanging in our locker room.”

His Bound for Glory moment and what it’s like being part of Bound for Glory, especially in a new market for TNA: “My favorite moment is, and I’ll share it with you because I don’t know if they are going to show it on television because they are biased against me, is the first Bound for Glory. The day before the flight, actually hours before the flight I had to leave Los Angeles to fly to Orlando to participate in the first Bound for Glory, my son was born. And if he was born 8 minutes later, I would have missed the flight and I wouldn’t have been able to make the first Bound for Glory where I wrestled AJ Styles in an Iron Man Match for the X Division Title. But 7 minutes after he was born, I got in my car and drove to LAX, and if you watch the first Bound for Glory and you look closely, on my right hand you’ll see a white hospital bracelet, worn in honor of my son’s birth, two days before the Bound for Glory event. So that’s my favorite moment.

“As far as Bound for Glory, you know I can’t say enough about the effort that our locker room puts together when we get into a situation like Bound for Glory. I think everyone say the effort we put into Slammiversary this year; Slammiversary was an off-the-charts show. And now we’re going to be in another new market, the first time for us to be in Phoenix, AZ. It’s going to be a chance for Phoenix to see their favorite wrestlers. For some people, that may be Sting, that may be AJ Styles, but let’s be honest, most people’s favorite is me and Frankie Kazarian. So it’s going to be a great day for all of Phoenix to get a chance to see ‘The Physical Fascination’ Frankie Kazarian and ‘The Sexually Delicious’ Christopher Daniels.”

The audio interview is available here.

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