Christopher Daniels Discusses The Claire Lynch Storyline, Comic Book Characters

Christopher Daniels was a guest this past weekend on The LAW ( discussing Bound for Glory (October 14th, 8pm EST on pay-per-view) and also touched on the recent Claire Lynch storyline and his thoughts on “The Amazing Spiderman” and “The Dark Knight Rises” from this past summer. The full interview can be downloaded here. Highlights from the interview are as follows:



The Claire Lynch storyline: “As far as Frankie (Kazarian) and myself, our main goal was to try to come out of it looking like the crap-stirring scumbags that we wanted to play, that we’re trying to be. Every time we went out there with a promo, every time we went out there with a pre-tape or any sort of interaction like that, we were looking to see how quickly we could get people’s ire raised. Whatever the positivity of it in the beginning, and then what some people sort of perceive as missteps in the angle, it didn’t matter to us how that was going. All that mattered to us was that at the end of each segment or the end of each episode of this particular saga, Frankie and I came out looking like the dastardly duo that we are.

“I think that people misunderstand what happened behind the scenes as the reason that it ended. My understanding of it from the beginning was that it was going to end when it ended. All the pertinent players weren’t there when it ended, but that didn’t affect the way it went down. The major parts were myself, Frankie, and AJ, and that was the important stuff. The focus was started there, and it ended there; everything else was just incidental, in my eyes. I was very happy with the way it ended, because in the end AJ got his vindication. Frankie and I, our reputations are what they are, and what we built them up to be, and now we move forward with not just us versus AJ, but us versus the Impact Wrestling locker room.”

The Amazing Spiderman: “Honestly, when I first heard he was cast, I wasn’t very impressed. I saw him in The Social Network, and out of the whole cast of The Social Network he was one of the lower points to me personally. I was gonna see the movie anyway, just because the trailer sort of got me with its look. Going to watch the movie, yeah, he absolutely got it. When people ask me, I tell them there’s regular Marvel universe Spider-man, and then there’s Ultimate Spider-man, and comic fans know what I’m talking about. The Tobey Maguire Spider-man was very much the Marvel comics, the tried and true Spider-man, whereas Andrew Garfield, to me that storyline and the way it was portrayed was more of the Ultimate Spider-man line. I think that the comic fans, the ones that already knew it was gonna be great, understand that reference. I think fans that aren’t fans of the comic books will go and they’ll immediately understand and appreciate the differences between the two films.”

Possible spin-offs with Robin and Catwoman: “I don’t think it’s gonna be a Robin, I think it’s gonna be a Nightwing if they were gonna go to do that at all. I think that Joseph Gordon-Levitt would probably be the most logical, and have Anne Hathaway be not a supporting character, but not be the focus of the movie. That’s just my opinion. Near the end, as you’re watching The Dark Knight Rises, as you realize where they’re sort of going with it, I think there’s a lot of hype, or at least fanbase built-up hype, towards a Nightwing/Robin movie. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, with the success that he’s had in the last couple years, and the stuff that’s upcoming for him, I think that there’d be a lot of desire to see something like that with Christopher Nolan directing and him starring. That would be a big deal, I think, for DC (Comics). Now that they’ve sort of closed the book on Christian Bale as Batman, it’d be a good evolution of the characters to go that route.”

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