Hemme Explains Her Decision To Retire, Wilde Accidentally Cuts Herself, Knockouts Pics Pulled

— As noted earlier, Christy Hemme announced last week she will no longer compete inside a wrestling ring after recent bouts left her feeling tense and nervous about possibly aggravating her serious neck injury further. The winner of the inaugural Diva Search competition posted a blog on her MySpace explaining her decision to leave the ring behind.



Hemme wrote: “So, lil update, my neck is in fabulous shape. Still perfectly intact and healed up. I have obviously not been too present in the six sided ring since being cleared to wrestle a couple months ago. Thing is, I came back from with a some hesitation, understandable after having the serious neck injury. I kept waiting for the hesitation to dissipate in my passion. It became very obvious for me in the last match I had on TV that is wasn’t going away as I felt very protective of my neck and its high susceptibility to being re-injured. I knew in that match that I was done with the in-ring side of wrestling. I am an all or nothing girl and if I can’t give all my heart and energy to every match I do then I am just taking from you, my opponent and the company. This was a very hard decision to make but the strength of love for my well being ultimately always wins my ego battle and I am very proud to value and know just how precious life is.”

— Taylor Wilde accidentally cut herself at home last week while cutting vegetables and simultaneously talking on her cell phone. As a result, her finger needed to be stitched up. You can see an image of her laced finger at the following link.

— TNA posted a holiday themed shoot featuring Taylor Wilde and Daffney on its website today, but was pulled shortly thereafter.

*SPOILER* on surprise for 1/4 Impact special ->

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