Chyna Goes on Twitter Rant Over Stolen Dog

Chyna recently went on another rant over Twitter. She claims someone by the name of “Jennifer Nelson” stole her dog. Here is what she wrote.



plese return hachie

@ChynaChyna9 We’ve been sexting Jennifer Nelson all night. She’ll either give ur dog back or fall in love with us & we’ll get ur dog back 2u

bring the dog back and this will all be over Jennifer. i won’t be blowing up your spot anymore RETURN MY DOG.

Bring back Jannifer nelson the babysitter “friend” at 482-482-8317

plese return hachie. is she hurt? I don’t why a friend would would act so stupid!!!! I’m worried about her! Bring her back!

Friend? lol! Return Hachi 420-482-4827…..I bet she changes her number coward.

I will see you on the Boardwalk Jennnifer….I am waiting everyday for Hachie………every night up thinking about this. please return her

if she wants a poodle get her own. But don’t steal. I hate a thief!

Jennifer Nelson needs to return Chyna’s Hachie. A friend would never do that! Taken advantage is not ok.

My toy poodle was stole by a “friend” Jennifer nelson was to babysit for one night and never returned. not gonna let this happen anymore.

Chyna just got taken advantage of a jennifer Nelsol who stole her toy poodle of three thousand dollars. please call SM CA sation for details

Chyna’s poodle can be be reached at Santa Monicas Police station or personal nummer at 310-699-7975. thank you

Jennifer Nelson at 430-482-8217 has Chyna’s Hachie with no right. Please return to Chyna at Santa Monica police station.

Even though Chyna paid 3k for hachie, reward is given for her return to Chyna.

Amber alert Hachie Chyna’s poodle refuses to be returned after a week and then,, charges are pressed unlesss the her safe return.

This is a poodle alert..Jennifer Nielson has Chyna’s poodle at 430-482-8217 please return to a safe return to her mother.

Jennifer nelson stole Chyna’s Hachie saveher. call Jennifer Nelson the thief at 320-482-8217

how much to eat? when to feed? does she need sugae? does she have her medicine vet papers extre shots can kill her bring her back to mommy.

Babysitters don’t mean stealing your animal. call 310-482-8217 to get Hachie of only 4 months back to her mommy.

Jennifer nelson of Venice Beach has taken Chyna’s poodle Hachi and refuses to give her back. call 320-482-8217. see if they take your call

It’s a shame at this stage people take advantage when they have no right! Give back Chyna’s poodle 310-482-8217 give respect get respect

Jennifer Nelson who’s turtle is her love has Chyna’s poodle kidnapped 310-482-8217. Give her back peacefully campaign.

Jennifer Nelson at 310- 482-8217 has Chyna’s poodle. offering reward. 310-699-7975.

from Venice Beach Jennifer Nelson has stolen Chyna’s dog hachie and refuses to give her back or even receice her calls from her and friends.

Chyna’s dog Hachie has been goon for a week by Jennifer Nieson at 310-482-8217. Please show your support

Jennifer Nelson could easily get her own dog has taken advantage and stolen Chyna’s Do Hachie. Please report if seen.

Chyna has pressed charges against Jennifer Nelson and would like the swift return of her dog. would offer her the addoption of a doggie.

Jennifer nelsons public number of 310-482-8217 stole my doggie 3k, my heart. please help.

Jennifer Nelson of Venice beach stole Chyna’s poodle and thretening and trying to record her saying thig this!

Jennifer Nelson at 310-482-8217 stole jennifers poodle Westminster Ave 203 plase report

Nathan her boyfriend red motorcycle, green cadillac, Venice Beach stole Chyna’s poodle.

Jennifer Nelson in Venice beach blonde hair skateboarder wears green outfit with shots stole Chyna’s poodle.

Reward for Chyna’s poodle back 310-699-7975 her # is rwcorded as 310-482-8217

Jennifer Nelson stole Chyna’s poodle at please call 310-482-8217

Jennifer Nelson refuses to give Chyna her doggie back. Chyna has allofficial paper work and is pressing charges.

If you see a beautiful poodlo in Venice beach it’s Chyna’s and Jennifer nelson stole her. 310-482-8217

Chyna is pressing charges against Jennifer nelson for the theft of her poodle. 310-482-8217. see ifshe answres your calls

Jennifer Nelson of the canals of Venice Beach has stole Chyna”s poodle 310-482-8217

Jennifer Nelson in charge of stealing Chyna’s new toy pooodle worth 3thousand dollars and intamiciy

Jennifer nelson stole Chyna’s poodle 310-482-8217 thief and stolen property

Chyna is filing charge against Jennifer nelson for the theft of her poodle. 310-482-8217

Bring my dog back jennifer 310-482-8217

Jennifer Nelson has stolen Chyna”s poodle three thousand dollar dog to take advantage of her. 310-482-8217. Please help me, get her own.

Jennifer nelson has stolen Chyna’s poodle for no reason but to take advantage of her please help!

Jennifer Nelson has stolen my dog I have police report and papers.

jennifer Nelson had stolen my poodle 310-482-8217give her back Jennifer you have no right!

Jennifer Nelson is a thief who stole my poodle dog at 310-482-8317 I am in gony over this taken advantage completely. get your own dog!

Jennifer nelson has stolen my property, my animal, my sweetie my 3k poodle. Please help,

Jennifer Nelson at 310-482-8217 has stolen my property, my animal. Please help

Jennifer Nelson at 310-482-8317,,,a supposed friend. stole my #k dog hackie i had her less than two weeks.

Jennifer Nellison at 310- 480-8317 stole my dog and won’t give her back. please help.

jennifer nellison at 310-482-8317 stole my toy poodle. please help.

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