‘Claire Lynch’ Actress Reportedly Quit TNA Wrestling Due To Online Harassment

TNA Wrestling concluded the Claire Lynch storyline last night on Impact Wrestling with her legal representative revealing that she never was pregnant and had agreed to blackmail AJ Styles after being approached by Daniels and Kazarian—she drugged Styles and took scandalous photos suggesting he was the father of her fake baby. Lynch did not appear during the segment since she quit the promotion.



Multiple TNA sources have confirmed that Lynch, whose real name is Julia Reilly, immediately quit the company after her identity was discovered online and wrestling fans began bombarding her professional website, YouTube and LinkedIn accounts with “derogatory and hateful messages about her acting, her character’s actions and her character’s appearance.”

As a working actor, Reilly didn’t want potential employers and casting directors researching her to come across the hateful scorn, which was described as “some of the most classless garbage you’d expect to see, just low rent message board loser stuff.” As a result, she quit TNA and immediately closed her professional accounts in an attempt to deflect the vitriol.

(source: PWInsider.com)

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