Claressa Shields Exposes ‘Rigged’ Jermell Charlo Fight

The saga that is Claressa Shields simply taking it heavily to Twitter is here and Claressa will not back down on the opinions that have formed. This all started when Claressa questioned some early scoring going on within the fight that recently came to a draw that was Jermell Charlo vs Brian Castano. Deontay Wilder Girlfriend Leaks Tyson Fury ‘Accusation’.



The Judge’s official card stated 114-113 for Castano, 117-111 for Charlo, and 114-114 for the draw.

Claressa first stated on Twitter: “Listen I respect the boxing and etc of any fighter. But I’m a believer you gotta lay that power down a mf early! To get they respect! Charlo need to let those combos go now! And stay off the ropes”

Then it was followed up by: “Man @SteveFarhood Castano is not ahead! That’s terrible how you have it Thru round 7!”

Fans agreed with the star, but it was far from over as Twitter was still lighting up via Clarissa Shield’s keyboard as some haters came out of the woodwork. The first tweet responded to stated: “The bias in your decision shows.”

To which Claressa replied to the tweet: “So I’m biased because I said a close fight but a split for Charlo but the judges called the fight a split draw. I was super close lol. You just a hater.” This, of course, wasn’t it for the night as one more hater had time to get under some skin.

The fan tweeted: “why is it hard to admit castano won even tho u ridin w twin?” Claressa quickly responded in just seconds to state: “Simple, I didn’t think Castano won.”

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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