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Clash Of Champion main event revealed

We noted before how the original plans for this week’s episode of SmackDown Live were for Jinder Mahal to challenge AJ Styles for the WWE Championship.

However, the company nixed these plans sometime in the past couple of days and decided to have this rematch take place at a later date.

And during the latest episode of the Blue Branded Show, it was revealed that Jinder will be invoking his rematch clause at the upcoming Clash Of Champions PPV.

The PPV is scheduled to take place on December 17th next month which means that Mahal won’t be heading to India with the belt as previously speculated.

No word yet on what the company has planned for the upcoming Championship match, but with this announcement, a scenario where Jinder wins the title back at the PPV doesn’t look very likely.

  • CC

    The Clash of champions wont work as champion vs champion as it is a SD branded show. All they could have is maybe WWE vs US champion, and that’s it. Really not that much excitement to that.
    Clash of champions should be a cross brand show, with champ vs champ, and Survivor series should maybe geared more towards elimination style matches.

    I think the minute they announced HHH vs Mahal for India, everyone knew he was not going into the tour as champ.

  • Soulshroude

    This makes no sense… first they want him to have the belt so he would be the face of INDIA for viewers and all that. Then, they take the belt off of him and put it on A.J.. Then they want the rematch at “Clash of Champions” which in itself is odd because all matches should be Champion vs Champion to keep the namesake of the P.P.V.. But, they don’t want Mahal to have the belt during his stint in INDIA, so he’s no longer the “face” of “HIS” people. In any case, HHH vs Mahal in india won’t make Mahal any more popular than what he already is. WWE has failed in trying to sell Mahal, in this instance.

  • Will Henderson

    yeah, Clash of Champions is basically a continuation of the Night of Champions/Vengeance lineage for WWE PPVs. and WWE did bring back No Mercy, it was Raw’s September PPV this year and before that, WWE No Mercy was used in Early October last year as a SmackDown brand only PPV.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    Jinder is facing HHH when they go to India. Funny how this site don’t even know that yet.

    No they are not putting the WWE title back on Jinder anytime soon. Because Styles is going to bring attendants back up. Jinder is a boring Champion.

  • Sparti Love

    What is the point of this PPV name? We just had SS where both sides champs versus each other. Bring back No Mercy!