Clip and Synopsis for CM Punk’s Appearance on Maron, Stephanie McMahon Talks Big Show

– Stephanie McMahon has a new blog for the Special Olympics on The Huffington Post website. She wrote the following about Big Show:



“One of the best “coaches” is WWE Superstar, Big Show. Big Show is a legitimate “giant” who had the medical condition acromegaly resulting in his massive size. Big Show is no stranger to adversity and learned at a young age how to ignore those who judged him and truly celebrate his uniqueness. Big Show uses his past experience to motivate the athletes and has said his involvement with Special Olympics is one of the most rewarding experiences of his life.”

– As noted, CM Punk will be appearing on IFC’s “Maron” show tomorrow night at 10pm EST. A clip is below and it appears the episode was filmed several months ago. Here’s the synopsis:

“When CM Punk stops by the garage this week, he and Marc find out there’s a lot in common between wrestling and comedy. Both professions beat people up – mainly themselves! Marc reveals his wrestling name would be “The Self Hater” for his self-destructive ways and CM declares he’s “Captain Body Dysmorphia” for how he keeps his body on point for the sport.”

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