CM Punk AEW Theme Song Revealed

The former WWE star CM Punk has expressed his desire to return to the squared circle and it is reported that he could have already signed with AEW. It is noted that Living Colour is now following AEW on Twitter and Instagram.



Is it a sign that CM Punk has joined AEW?

Though it doesn’t confirm anything but it could be a sign that Punk may have signed his deal with AEW. Living Colour’s “Cult of Personality” was Punk’s theme song when he worked for WWE and anyone that follows AEW knows that Tony Khan is willing to spend money for the rights to popular music for his wrestlers. AJ Styles Offered Huge AEW Match

Punk has not addressed the rumors but posted a clip of the theme song that was widely associated with the 90s Chicago Bulls and he has not shut down any of the rumors like has done in the past whenever there was speculation about a return to WWE or a jump to AEW.

Punk and AEW might be in advanced talks for quite some time and people in WWE believe that AEW is his destination. At best, he has already signed the deal.

The rumors about Punk and Daniel Bryan in AEW have spiked ticket sales and they are nearing 17,000 tickets sold for New York City. We will have to see if Punk makes his debut in AEW.

Bishal Roy
Bishal Roy
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