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CM Punk on AJ Lee Continuing to Work for WWE, If He Will Ever Return to WWE

– As noted earlier, former WWE Superstar CM Punk appeared on TSN’s Off The Record with Michael Landsberg this week to talk about signing with UFC. The full interview is available at this link.

Punk was asked about his wife AJ Lee continuing to work for WWE when he “called out” WWE and their medical staff. Punk said his intent wasn’t to call anyone out and he was just telling his story. Punk said he’s had many conversations with AJ about her wanting to work for WWE and if she does want to work there, “more power to her.” Punk said their relationship is stronger for having separate careers.

Regarding returning to WWE, Punk said he can’t tell the future and doesn’t know for sure that he’s not going back but said he has no desire to and doesn’t believe WWE wants to see him back just yet either. He said everyone is happy now.

  • CC

    I also think its a case of it was all he was getting asked, and in typical Punk fashion he gave a blunt negative answer. Now he has finally announced his next career move and done the shoot interview, he has chilled out a bit and realises that what he feels now is not what he will necessarily feel in the future.
    He knows that as burnt out as he is from wrestling and WWE now, in a few years time he may get bitten by the bug again. If anything I could see him going the Jericho route and come and go depending on what he is doing outside wrestling.

  • The Killswitch

    He said “never ever ever” because had he said otherwise, people would hold him to it.

  • Andrew

    Cooler heads do prevail….he got his side out in the open, Vince rebutted, Punk rebutted and time passed. Time heals all wounds and if Bret, Warrior and Austin could all come back after situations FAR worse than this, I’m sure Punk wouldn’t COMPLETELY shut the door on a return, on a “private, personal” scale that is….

    Honestly, I can’t help but shake the feeling though that he’s trying to “Lesnar-ize” his career with the WWE, as in, go from WWE to UFC and then come back to WWE after, when he has more exposure and brand legitimacy. Meh, I need a new hat, this one’s got too many foil wrinkles.

  • ddfindl

    First it was never, and now its “I don’t know” …hmmm