CM Punk ‘Banned’ From Major Event

CM Punk’s band of choice, Living Colour might be playing during this year’s Riot Fest in Chicago, Illinois but the ‘Second City Saint’ won’t be able to see them, or any of the other bands performing at this particular festival for that manner. On the official Riot Fest website, there is a list of what is and what isn’t allowed at the grounds where the festival will take place and CM Punk is mentioned by name as one of many items not permitted – in addition to Pineapple pizza, selfie sticks and littering. CM Punk’s ‘angry’ message to this WWE diva leaked not too long ago.



However, if you think this is merely a joke or just a clever way to name drop someone, think again. Punk has seemingly been banned from every incarnation of the Chicago-based rock & rap festival since 2015. During that year he was initially banned. However, he snuck into the festival grounds regardless. So while it appears there is a tounge and cheek element to the ‘ban’, it has been consistent to say the very least.

Riot Fest takes place this year from September 17th to the 21st at Chicago’s Douglass Park. and will feature such bands as Nine Inch Nails, The Smashing Pumpkins, Coheed and Cambria and a host of others.

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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