CM Punk Begins Feud With Top NJPW Wrestler

Former WWE Superstar CM Punk has not been seen on WWE television since the 2014 edition of the Royal Rumble pay-per-view. He walked out on the company the next day and has not looked back since then. Following his WWE exit, many fans have been wanting to see Punk make his return to the company every year. Punk also demanded a Bray Wyatt photo be deleted recently. 



During the recent Ring of Honor 19th Anniversary event, Ring Of Honor star Danhausen used CM Punk’s Go 2 Sleep finisher and stated that he stole it from the Second City Saint. CM Punk took to Twitter and said he liked the move for Danhausen but that Hausen should ask “the other guy.”

You might wanna buzz the other guy because he seems sensitive about it. Fully endorsed over here though! Very kneevil.
The “other guy” Punk is referring to is NJPW Star KENTA, who actually came up with the move in the first place. He took to Twitter and revealed that he was happy to see anyone but CM Punk use his finishing move, teasing a new feud.
HEY This is “THE OTHER GUY” I’m super excited to see anyone use Go 2 Sleep EXCEPT FOR YOU. GOOD NIGHT
Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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